Custom software development
for startups and companies

We focus on developing
solutions for:


We deliver products and solutions to help startups focus on the essential things: finding the proper product-market fit and scaling their business. We craft software products that have the power to attract customers, be successfully presented to investors, and are ready for scaling.


We get deeply involved in our clients’ business processes and only use advanced technologies to build unique solutions that help healthcare, AgeTech, real estate, logistics, and other companies operate more efficiently.

Industries that benefit
from our IT solutions

Our IT products span multiple industries. Here are the four sectors of our expertise.


Our experience includes custom software development for healthtech startups and healthcare facilities. We built products for seniors, a staffing platform for healthcare workers, mHealth apps, and patient engagement platforms. Demigos’ portfolio covers easily scalable, secure solutions that are compliant with HIPAA and GDPR.

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Age Tech

The Demigos team knows the problems and challenges faced by senior living communities, in-home care businesses, and individual caregivers. Our scalable and flexible custom software solutions help streamline operations, payments, and scheduling, ensuring exceptional customer service.
We design and build neat, easy-to-use web and mobile apps catering to the needs of senior living facilities, senior people, and giving their family members peace of mind.

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Real estate

We built several platforms, including a real estate investment analyzer and a unique auction system for purchasing real estate. Working with MLS, integration with DocuSign, instant recalculation of large data sets for amortization—we’ve got them and much more under our belt.


Our software engineers built a series of mobile-driven Uber-like platforms providing logistics operators with access to the driver labor pool. Additionally, we designed and coded custom ERP solutions for a coaching bus company in Canada.


MSHFA Telemedicine Platform

A telemedicine and EMR solution for a Kuwaiti clinic

MSHFA is a telemedicine and EMR solution integrated with a pharmacy ecommerce store. It enables video conferencing between doctors and patients, stores history of patients’ symptoms, lab tests, diagnoses, referrals, etc, and allows to order medicine through the app.


plumBid Real Estate Auction Platform

An algorithm-based auction platform

plumBid platform provides an easy and transparent process to buy and sell real estate which results in the best price and terms. The revolutionary and patent-pending technology removes the guesswork and puts seller, buyer and agent in control of the entire process, maximizing the outcome for everyone.


Third-Party Administrator Platform

A robust web platform for a licensed US-based TPA company

The platform automates processes for a third-party benefits administration service. It provides client companies "Best-in-Breed" core, ancillary, supplemental, and voluntary benefit & insurance products, plans, programs, & services at the lowest possible costs from insurance carriers throughout the country.



Healthcare matchmaking platform for nurses

GapNurse is a healthcare matchmaking platform that seamlessly connects healthcare workers with organizations that value their skills and knowledge. We built a mobile application for nurses, a web platform for facility managers, and an administrators' platform.


Wendy's Team

Tech platform for a home care agency in the US

Wendy's Team service helps to pair householders and caregivers for elderly people. We have commenced working together on the early stages of online development for the company, including service to automate major manual processes that streamline efficiency of applications.



Platform tailored to agro-commodity traders

Aliro is an international marketplace and trading platform for verified buyers and sellers of agricultural products. It connects producers, brokers, distributors, wholesalers, brand name manufacturers, and government trading houses from all over the world on a wide range of product categories including grains, oils, spices, cereals, sugars, seeds, flour, fruits & vegetables, and many others.



Website and analytics

We created a website to sell bus tickets online, measured UX and made improvements to design, analysed effectiveness of different advertising channels.



Enriching online courses

Successfilly brings online education to a new level by allowing teachers to use embedded pages in online course services like Udemy or Teachable to greatly enrich course content and add interaction.



A go-to platform for finding freelancers

Freelancers and employers alike usually hit a roadblock - how to find each other. Existing marketplaces are more like job search website and don't offer much room for freelancers to market their skills. And if you don't have connections to refer you to good specialists, you'll end up spending more money than expected.


UCL System

ERP system for bus company in Canada

ERP system for bus company in Canada. Universal Coach Line provides quality bus charters to all travel destinations in North America. The company previously utilized outdated enterprise resource planning software, which was local for all 3 divisions across Canada.



Order and delivery system for e-commerce

Ofinta is an e-commerce platform for the East African region that provides payment integration with MPesa, a Vodafone's wallet-based service accessed through a mobile account.



Mobile marketplace for popular forum in the US

Mobilism is a large US website for sharing books, games and apps with 94,000 + unique users per day. We have designed and build an Android app and API for an app & website integration, which provides the ability for users to access the forum with Android app in a convenient way.


Why Demigos?

We create custom solutions for startups
that clients love. Here’s how:

Laser focus on value
We know how important it is to build IT solutions that bring measurable value to your startup or company. We begin by asking the right questions, analyzing, and figuring out what solutions will have the most significant impact on your business.
Flexibility is our top priority when developing software solutions. Requirements can change mid-flight, and we’re ready to optimize and accommodate even last-minute changes. This is a major advantage of custom software development for your startup or company over off-the-shelf solutions.
Some solutions are expected to be successful, while the success of others leaves their creators surprised. But in both scenarios, scalability is critical. The architecture of our software solutions is designed to scale to one million daily active users and even more.
When users love a product, they’re eager to recommend it. In that case, the design is just as important for us as product functionality. We know how to build IT solutions for startups that are robust, beautiful, easy-to-use, and, most importantly, loved by users.
Data security is essential, especially in healthcare or financial services. As a software provider, Demigos takes the security of our solutions for startups and companies very seriously. We follow best practices for pinpointing vulnerabilities, architectural risk analysis, penetration testing, and examining how a system behaves under attack. Security requirements and operations are at the top of our list.
When it comes to startup product development, we raise the bar on quality. Our testing process covers automation, performance, and unit testing—all it takes to make sure we deliver exceptional products.

4 Steps to Building Successful
IT Solutions for Your Business

Analyzing business needs and goals
Tasked with developing custom software development for startups and established companies, we start by identifying the client’s business objectives. We’ll work together with you to understand your pain points and how our IT solutions can help.
Developing a product vision and roadmap
We create a compelling product vision and a clear roadmap after detailed business analysis and product prototyping.
Building the product
At Demigos, we strongly believe custom software development is most successful when it’s agile. That is why we work according to the Scrum methodology and deliver results once every two weeks.
Getting feedback and optimizing
We always listen to the feedback our clients and their customers provide to fine-tune the product and help it match your business goals.

Services we offer

We focus on building products. We integrate solutions into your business processes that can bring the greatest value for your business. Here is how we implement the process:

Strategy & Business Analysis

  • Market analysis
  • Business processes analysis
  • Customer development
  • Development strategy

Design & Prototyping

  • UX Research
  • UI / User Interface
  • Prototyping & Testing

Technology & Development

  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Quality Assurance