Enriching online courses


Successfilly brings online education to a new level by allowing teachers to use embedded pages in online course services like Udemy or Teachable to greatly enrich course content and add interaction.

This service was originally developed as a WordPress plugin, but it lacked functionality and had poor design, performance, and user experience.

Our task was to recreate the service, add new functionality, and make it scalable.

We built a website where teachers can create courses, manage students and their answers, plus an iframe module to embed these courses into online course services.



Seamless integration
Successfilly courses had to blend into “container” online courses like Teachable with all interface features like social login, dialogs, and autosaving answers.


Easy to create
Design a powerful course editor that combined a text editor with text formatting, images and video content and course data blocks for forms and responses.


Migration from the old system
Allow thousands of existing students and teachers and hundreds of courses to migrate to the new system using the same login information and getting access to their courses and their answers.


Successfilly is built around the idea of question and answer blocks which can be inserted into a course text. Each answer by a student is stored and a teacher can plan the course structure to use these answers and interact with the student in other parts of the course, or even other courses.

As an example, the student’s name, once input, can be used all around the course. Or answers can be used as part of an equation which is displayed in a course as a calculation result.

New course chapters can be built from existing or new data blocks. A teacher can analyze the responses of a specific student, or all of the student's answers to one question, and use that information to continuously improve and expand course content.
Specific courses can have public or private access with a flexible invite system. External marketing services can be integrated into courses to track and communicate with students.
All courses can be embedded into online course sites like Teachable.

With a Word-like editor, a teacher can prepare their course text with images and videos and add question and answer blocks.

Teachers can invite students, follow student progress, analyze responses, and so on.

System structure


Python Django VueJS PostgreSQL

Business Results

  • We receive a lot of positive feedback from users and further development of the product is planned.

Feedback from the client

Feedback author
Jullian Gordon, Founder of Successfilly

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