Third-Party Administrator Platform

A robust web platform for a licensed US-based TPA company

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About the client

Creative Billing Solutions (CBS) is a US-based third-party administrator that provides services to businesses operating in the employee benefits domain. The client wanted to automate their time-consuming manual processes, so they decided to develop a third-party administrator platform . When the client reached out to us, they had an old system that offered too few functions to satisfy the client’s needs and a new system that was only partially developed. After a few other teams failed to fully implement the project, CBS came to Demigos, hoping that our solid experience and strong tech skills would help them complete the platform development and finally make the solution work.


The client defined the following key tasks for our dedicated team

  • To finalize existing functionality
  • To develop new features
  • To improve the platform’s security and performance
  • To migrate data from the old system
  • To support the platform after the launch

Project overview

Before starting the project, we had to assemble a dedicated team to build a platform for a US-based third-party administrator company. The platform was supposed to automate the client’s invoice issuance and other critical operations. Our team picked up the project midway — we had to deal with an incomplete codebase and the pieces of functionality that were only partially developed by the previous agencies.

Our developers finalized the core features, improved security, and migrated the data from the old system. As a result, 90% of businesses the client currently works with were served via the platform after the first launch. We keep supporting the platform, updating its existing functionality, and adding new features.

Project challenges

When the client’s team sent us their request, we knew it wouldn’t be an easy road. The client’s business activity is associated with complex processes. Plus, we had to deal with issues left by previous programmers working on the platform. Here are the challenges our developers had to resolve to complete this project successfully:

Incomplete product

The client came to us with a solution that was only partially developed. Our team had no opportunity to talk to programmers working on the project before us to clarify the details.

Lack of documentation

The project lacked documentation describing how the platform should work. At the same time, the idea of the platform was unique, so we couldn’t figure this out based solely on our previous experience.

Bugs and errors in the platform

When we took over the project, many pieces of functionality built by previous teams were incomplete or broken.

Complicated business logic

The platform was supposed to rely on complicated business logic with many variables impacting calculations and reports.

Platform performance

The platform is based on a calculation engine. This engine was very flexible, which affected the platform’s performance.

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Team composition

When the client reached out to us, they were rushing to release the platform: a few other agencies that had been working on the system before us failed to finalize it. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic caused additional delays in the project delivery. We had to put together a perfectly composed dedicated team to develop this third-party administrator platform on time:


Software architect


Business analyst


Product manager


Python developers


React developers


QA engineers


UX/UI designer





Apollo GraphQL










Apollo GraphQL







Our process

01 - Discovery and Analitycs Stage

1 Sprints

Before starting third-party administrator platform development, we analyzed the client’s requirements and the existing codebase. We also formed a dedicated team to deliver the project within tight deadlines.

02 - Design and User Experiance

3 Sprints

Our UX/UI designer searched the best solutions accounting top trends and best user experience practices. Created wireframes and user interface showing the best look of the product and brand on screen flow of mobile and web apps.

03 - Development

22 Sprints

Our team finalized the incomplete functionality and built new features from scratch. We also migrated data from the client’s old system, improved the platform’s security and performance as well as made some updates to the user interface.

04 - User acceptance testing


We tested the platform in real-world scenarios to make sure it functions as intended and meets the client’s business requirements.

05 - Release & deployment

1 Sprints

Once all quality assurance processes were complete, we released the platform.

06 - Support & maintenance


Our team has been working on the project since its release. We’ve fixed technical issues and added new functionality to help the client cover broader markets.

WHat we did

Assembled a dedicated team

Demigos put together a dedicated team of eight members to cover the client’s request. We took over the project after several other agencies failed to release it.

Met tight deadlines

Our team finalized core features, migrated the data, and launched a new third-party administrator platform within two months.

Ensured a high quality

Demigos’ QA specialists thoroughly tested the platform to ensure it’s bug-free and matches client requirements. We also created a roadmap of improvements.

Ensured advanced security

We enhanced the platform’s security and implemented safeguards to prevent malware attacks.

Improved the platform

Our dedicated team enhanced the platform’s performance. We also added new features and updated the user interface.

Provided post-release support

We kept supporting the platform after the release to help the client address performance and tech issues as well as update the system.

Key features of the TPA platform

The platform is a high-end web solution that automates the client’s core processes. It allows CBS to administer insurance products more efficiently, providing products from insurance carriers throughout the US. The platform has the following features:

Flexible setup of insurance products

  • Users can easily set up insurance products for each person. This includes different policies and coverage levels, tobacco status, employer coverage, deduction frequencies, and so on.

Flexible setup of other parameters

  • The platform also allows users to define the clients’ terms of work, insurance carriers, insurance products, payroll frequencies, invoice configurations, etc

Advanced remittance engine

  • This engine automatically calculates both total amounts for each employee as well as specific payments within these amounts. It also allows for manual adjustments.

Report generation

  • The platform lets users quickly generate various reports (e.g., for deposits, payouts, or deductions) in MS Excel’s XLS and PDF formats.

Bulk report distribution

  • With the platform, users can automatically distribute reports to multiple recipients in just a few clicks.

Client feedback

“Reliable and responsive, the team took ownership of the project. They were very committed to the project in the way that I was. At no point did they go dark or stop responding, which I’ve experienced with programmers in the past. If anything, we got the exact opposite with Demigos — they were constantly in touch, despite a 10-hour time difference. Their responsiveness and troubleshooting stood out to us. They were perfect at scheduling and meeting deadlines. ”

Ann Thompson, Billing Manager

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