#17: US Army, war impact & creating a healthcare company | Raj Ambay, CEO & Founder at Nine Line Medical

Published on December 13, 2023

In this episode, we will answer the following topics:

[00:23] Dr. Raj's Experience in the US Army
[02:07] Impact of War on Soldiers
[14:59] Founding of Nine Line Medical
[19:56] Focus on Healthcare Efficiency
[20:46] Utilizing ML and RPA for Automation
[21:13] Dynamic Scheduling System for Enhanced Efficiency
[22:09] Tracking Nurse Movements
[23:26] The McDonald's Example and Healthcare Efficiency
[24:17] Implementing Blockchain for Communication
[25:53] Linking Performance and Economical Impact
[29:05] Transparency and Employee Recognition
[33:03] Approach to Government Projects and Competition with Larger Corporations
[35:17] Identifying Problems and Team Knowledge 
[35:43] Addressing Interoperability Issues
[36:26] Value Addition and Strategy 
[37:09] Niche Focus and Specialization
[37:45] Building Trust and Recognition
[38:10]  Understanding Government Priorities
[38:49] Long-Term Approach and Business Expansion
[39:37] Diversification and Hub-Spoke Model
[40:04] Iterative Development Process
[41:04] Efficiency and Workflow Optimization
[41:48] Optimization and Revenue Realization
[46:04] Embracing Daily Contributions and Meaningful Actions
[47:48] Conclusion


Raj's Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raj-ambay-m-d-d-d-s-8aa84b1a/


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Doctor Raj is a surgeon, a colonel in the US Army, and a nurse. While in Afghanistan, he was injured by a rocket-propelled grenade. The surgeon now became the patient and saw both sides of the equation, which led to the founding of Nine Line Medical company. The goal of the company is to leverage emerging technology to improve the operational efficiency of healthcare.