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Mobilism is a large US website with 94,000 unique users per day. It is popular among users for the ability to share apps, books and games for mobile devices. People can publish or find useful contents there. Our goal was to create an Android app for this forum, to make it a convenient and user-friendly forum.



Mobilism is a very complex site and includes different parts: marketplace, social platform, messaging system, etc. Creating a design which would incorporate all of its aspects is rather difficult. We needed to make the best out of what we had.


The forum architecture is complex and we had to create a proper way to build API for mobile app.


We needed to build a new product, which would be suitable for users who have used the forum for years.


System design

We decided to present the forum as a marketplace where people can search and find their most beloved apps, games and books. Moreover, the app had to incorporate a messaging system, ability to comment on releases and participate in discussions.

When creating the app concept, we were inspired by Google Play store. Having close contact with the forum's owner, we figured out what things users would love and implemented them through the iteration process.


For user convenience, the content was placed on screens in the way that required many requests to the server. App architecture had to be created in a way to provide smooth user experience with all the required content.

The app contains PayPal integration, push notifications and was designed in Material Design. It also has its own theme when user changes a marketplace category.


Mobilism has been in existence for more than 10 years, and it contains complex architecture through all of its modules. We needed to get to know how the system architecture was built, how database was designed. We had to design an API, but needed to built interactions with database and forum, which wouldn't crash the entire forum, because it contains around 94,000 unique users per day.

The main challenge while creating the API was to write the most simple and easy-to-use code also arrange a correct workflow with the DB of the website, because there are many relationships and dependencies.

The system is based on the following architecture:

Quality Assurance

With the high load on the forum (about 94,000 unique users per day), we needed to test our solution before we pushed it out for production. We used Jmeter for this task and all "heaviest" requests were tested.

Performance testing gave us a number of insights, which resulted in performance improvements of the existing solution. See below the results of performance testing before and after our changes were implemented.

What was when we started

What were achieved

Results & Team

Alexey Ermolenko
Bogdan Zelinsky
Oleksandr Kushnir
Vladimir Bezrodniy
Oleksandr Osypenko
Ivan Sandraskiy
Product Manager
Ivan Dunskiy

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