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At the heart of Healthcare and Wellness Digital Transformation

At Demigos Healthcare, innovation is the name of the game, with the main goal of streamlining physicians’ and elder guardian work, optimizing systems, integrating devices, improving patient outcomes, reducing human error, and lowering costs through digital and mobile experiences.

Innovations in healthcare

Innovative solutions become more in demand for established healthcare organizations. Also, these trends create an opportunity for early-stage startups leveraging their innovations in digital health, machine learning and data science.

The rise of on-demand healthcare
77% say the ability to book, change or cancel appointments online is important to them, only 2.4 percent of appointments are self-scheduled.
AI is a healthcare new nervous system
AI could help address some 20% of unmet clinical demand
7 billion
The growth of wearable medical devices
Health apps and wearables for preventative care could save the U.S. healthcare system close to $7 billion per year.

Demigos Healthcare

A newly formed Digital Health Solutions Group,

has chosen to concentrate on three main drivers

of Digital Health in the 21st Century:

  • Eldercare Innovations
  • AI-enabled Wearables and IoT
  • Data Science and Systems Integration.

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Eldercare Innovations

The digital transformation of senior care comes from artificial intelligence, which will eventually be able to predict patterns in seniors' behavior and prevent falls and other emergencies before they take place.

Elders who do have to go to the hospital will have access to a personalized wellness regimen, shared with their families and guardians. However, many real life use cases of Eldercare are grounded in integration of day-to-day traditional care (companionship, medical and non-medical procedures, etc.) and more innovative care options via technologies, wearables, and information sharing with caregivers and loved ones.

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AI-enabled Wearables and IoT

The increasing pressure to produce timely and accurate documentation demands a new generation of innovations that align with patient care. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Demigos Healthcare Solutions and Development Projects build on technical expertise to improve the process of patient documentation time — while improving quality and integration of various disparate systems.

The Internet of Things (IoT or IoMT - Internet of Medical Things) has opened up a world of possibilities in Healthcare: when connected to the internet, ordinary medical devices and wearables can collect viable additional data, give extra insight into vitals and data trends (physical and behavioural), enable remote eldercare, and give patients more control over their lives and treatment.

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Data Science

The amount of information that the human body generates daily is measured in terabytes. Due to advances in technology, we can now collect and analyze most of it, including information about heart conditions, sleep patterns, blood test results, stress conditions, and organ functions.

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OUR team

Ivan Dunskiy

Ivan worked as QA, Software Engineer, Project Manager in different IT companies before founding Demigos. Having the entrepreneurial spirit, he co-founded two startups and managed the delivery of more than 30 IT projects. Ivan leads a healthy lifestyle and runs 120 kilometers on average monthly.

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Nikita Delyukov

Nikita has 18 years of experience in IT as Software Developer\Architect, Business Analyst, Project Manager. He worked 4 years as an IT Business Analyst and Project Manager for UBS bank (London).

Nikita holds a Master Degree in Applied Math and Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

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Wendy Tong
Advisor in healthcare

Wendy held many administrative and leadership positions in the military, hospital systems, and managed care (health insurance). Wendy was the Chief Medical Officer overseeing the Medicaid (government-financed health plan) division of the northern California region for Anthem Blue Cross. As a physician executive in a large nationwide corporation, Wendy advises Demigos on the most impactful IT solutions for the healthcare market.

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Alex Romanovich
Advisor in healthtech

A Career International Business Development and Marketing professional(from IBM and Bertelsmann AG to Global ScaleUps), CMO/CSO, with global experience (North America, Europe, Asia) in developing & selling innovative products/services with a track record of accomplishments in Health/Wellness, FinTech, Travel/Hospitality, eCommerce, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence/Data Science, and Enterprise Level Digital Transformation. Multiple startup and scale-up veteran. Investor.

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