Wendy's Team

A scalable tech platform for a home care agency in Denver, USA.


Wendy's Team helps families find affordable, reliable and high quality home care for seniors. The tech platform makes the client experience in managing and paying for visits as simple as one-click shopping.



We had to provide a workable solution within the first month so that the business could switch to using it quickly.


The user interface for both website and mobile app had to be very simple and easy to grasp, for an elderly audience.


In a rapidly growing and evolving startup, it is important to quickly adapt to the needs of the users and business, even if the general direction was chosen right - that's something we faced every time we worked with Wendy. Constant change gave us an ability to find the best and the most efficient solutions.


System design

When we began our collaboration with Wendy and her company, we were asked to redesign an existing MVP iOS application and create a basic website. As we becoming more deeply involved in understanding the entire business and operational model and shared Wendy's vision for growth, we built a web integrated system that would be scalable in multiple markets.

We began by first migrating from a local database that the iOS app was using to a web integrated platform. Then we built a backend portal for the core functions of managing visits (booking, dispatching Team Members and cancelling). We had different user roles: Client, Team Member, Manager and On-Call Managers. Then we integrated with Stripe, a secure payments processing platform that receives and disburses payments. All these processes were created in a step-wise pattern to methodically replace manual processes with automated and scalable processes.

Our goal was to create a scalable solution, and we started to analyze all the business operations, its processes and how they could have been optimized. We started to think what abilities every role in the system we had at that time had to include: Client, Caregiver, Manager, On-Call Manager.

The new concept of the app and the website was born.

Insight into the business and payments processes enabled us to create a tech platform that supported all these operations effectively.

Company Management is able to receive new visits and other visit updates, information about new clients and new Caregivers applications, check reports on visits and company growth for the period.

Most of the payments for the company are going through the system.


Push notifications:
Google Analytics
Bug reports:
Fabric / Crashlytics
Builds automation:
Facebook SDK

Business results

  • The system gives its users the ability to scale the services. In the very beginning, it was 3 clients and Wendy, the only Manager for that time, and she spent about 30-40 hours a week on managing these clients. Now there are over 150 paying clients in the system. Wendy is still the only staff member providing managerial oversight to a monthly transactional volume that exceeds 2000 visit hours.
    The system contains different types of notifications and features, which help Team Members to pick up, manage and track their visits on-line.
  • Productivity and Financial Reports provided to the CEO and CFO, enable the co-founders to develop business development strategies.
  • Using Stripe to process payments enables Clients to make payments without manual labor. A payment is triggered once a Team Member logs their hours then Stripe collects payment from the credit or debit card or ACH information given by the Client. Stripe then automatically splits the payment between Wendy's Team and the Team Member. This automated process also minimizes human errors.
  • Over 80% of new clients came from the website due to proper SEO optimization of the website. There is no additional marketing or recruitment efforts being made. Thereby keeping advertising costs at zero.

Results & Team

Max Bazarov
Pavel Korolev
System Architecture
Nikita Delyukov
Dev ops
Denis Morozov
Bogdan Zelinsky
Oleksandr Osypenko
Ivan Sandraskiy
Product Manager
Ivan Dunskiy
Nikita Delyukov
Oleksandr Kushnir
Ksenia Ivanova

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