management team

Ivan Dunskiy

Ivan worked as QA, Software Engineer, Project Manager in different IT companies before founding Demigos.

Having the entrepreneurial spirit, he co-founded two startups and managed delivery of more than 30 IT projects.
Ivan leads a healthy lifestyle and runs 120 kilometers on average monthly.

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Nikita Delyukov

Nikita has 18 years of experience in IT as Software Architect, Business Analyst, Project Manager.

Nikita holds a Master's Degree in Applied Math and Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

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Wendy Tong, MD MHA
Advisory in Healthcare

Wendy held many administrative and leadership positions in the military, hospital systems, and managed care (health insurance).

Wendy was the Chief Medical Officer overseeing the Medicaid (government-financed health plan) division of the northern California region for Anthem Blue Cross. As a physician executive in a large nationwide corporation, Wendy advises Demigos on the most impactful IT solutions for the healthcare market.

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