Order and delivery system for e-commerce


Ofinta is an e-commerce platform for the East African region that provides payment integration with MPesa, a Vodafone’s wallet-based service accessed through a mobile account.
Although MPesa is the most popular payment system in the region, currently online shops have to build their own interface to access it.
The idea behind Ofinta was to build a platform through which anybody can easily connect to MPesa.
We built a website, a mobile app, and a payment integration module for online shops.
Ofinta offers a complete solution where shop managers can input their products, customers can order and pay, orders can be assigned to drivers around the city, and delivery can be monitored by managers.



Complete webshop
Build a solution with a complete order workflow including payments integration and a driver mobile app.


Major payment options
Integrate two payment methods - cash and MPesa - and make them available for other shops.


Shop without website
Build a payment link flow which gives merchants a way to sell without a website.


There are two management panels in Ofinta. The first one allows shop owners to register and access shops, manage users, and review reports.
The second panel allows shop managers to supervise order workflow, including processing new orders, assigning them to the closest driver, viewing drivers’ locations, and tracking successful delivery. Managers can also create price lists, add drivers, and set up warehouses.

Another important feature for managers is Payment Link. With a payment link, there’s no need to have a website for a shop. Managers can receive an order by phone or via messengers like Facebook or Instagram, register it in the system, and give a special payment link to the customer. The customer can then follow this link, input order-related information, such as their phone or delivery location, and make a payment. Then the order will be processed through the usual workflow.

Drivers in Ofinta access the system using a mobile app. When a new order is received, the driver can accept or reject it. Through the app, drivers can review their active orders, see the routes on the map, and change order status.

The mobile app is also used to track driver location. Managers can see all their active drivers and pick the best driver accordingly.



Python Django PostgreSQL Firebase RxJava Kotlin

Business Results

  • Ofinta services are now in use in several online shops in Kenya. Based on initial positive feedback, further growth is expected.

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