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At the heart of Healthcare and Wellness Digital Transformation

At Demigos Healthcare development solutions, innovation is the name of the game, with the main goal of streamlining physicians’ and elder guardian work, optimizing systems, integrating devices, improving patient outcomes, reducing human error, and lowering costs through digital and mobile experiences.

Innovative IT solutions in healthcare

Demigos’ team of experts creates custom-tailored healthcare management solutions. We design our systems with patients’ privacy, security, and the integrity of their health data in mind. Our healthcare management solutions can address the full range of healthcare workers’ needs regarding internal procedures, administrative tasks, and digital data management.

Custom healthcare software development
Demigos’ wide range of product engineering services includes prototyping, add-on development, and developing bespoke healthtech solutions from the ground up. Ourteam of professionals builds highly functional products that are compliant with regional and industry standards.
Integration with third-party systems
Our experts can integrate custom software with third-party solutions, such as ERPs, fitness apps, HRM software, and healthcare insurance databases. Applying the microservices technique, we can integrate any third-party solution as a microservice connected with the system through the APIs.
Secure data storage
Our software developers work exclusively with world-renowned hosting servers that provide a GDPR/HIPAA compliant foundation . For healthcare solutions, we choose Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Truevault, and other trusted cloud hosting server providers.
Medical big data and analytics
Data analysis and insights help healthcare organizations provide better patient care and improve business processes and financial outcomes. At Demigos, we develop systems that easily capture data, process it, and display it in a clear and understandable manner.

who are our clients in healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses?

Our clients include
Healthcare startups
Healthcare ISVs
Hospitals and healthcare facilities
Senior living facilities
Health insurance companies
Pharmacy organizations
Clinical research organizations
Medical universities
Demigos builds custom-tailored healthtech solutions for healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses. After more than 5 years of building complex healthtech product solutions that include web platforms, mobile apps, and data science solutions, Demigos has the knowledge and experience to build a product that your clients will love.
We have successfully implemented HIPAA and GDPR compliant IT solutions in the healthcare field, receiving uniformly positive feedback after third-party audits.
Demigos is a technical partner that designs and implements a digital healthcare system to streamline existing organization processes and bring a patient's user experience to the next level.

Case studies

Ivan dunskiy, CEO
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4 steps to build a successful digital healthcare system

Analyse business needs and goals
We understand the importance of defining key business objectives when we develop software for the healthtech field. Our partnership with you begins by identifying the pain points of your business and focusing on how they can be addressed by custom IT solutions.
Build a product vision and roadmap
We create a product vision and roadmap for you, using detailed business analysis and product prototyping.
Build a product
The Demigos team believes that successful medical software development should be agile, so we deliver results every 2 weeks.
Receive feedback and optimize
The best indicator of our success is when your clients love the product we’ve developed. That's why we carefully listen to your clients' feedback and use that to optimize our product to reach your business goals and meet your objectives.

Software we develop for healthtech

Creating a digital ecosystem is a goal of every healthcare organization. An ecosystem of applications and online resources brings customers’ experience to a whole new level.
Take a look at the products a healthcare organization can acquire to enrich patients’ experience.
Custom telehealth solutions
Demigos’ team builds telemedicine applications for online treatment. Our telehealth solutions can improve patient flow and increase organization revenue.
Practice management solutions
Our team builds solutions that streamline work processes within a healthcare organization. Our practice management systems can manage and optimize every aspect of medical practice.
EMR/EHR systems
We transfer the existing healthcare experience to a mobile environment to serve every purpose inside and outside hospital walls.
mHealth apps development
Demigos brings healthcare access to mobile devices. We build mHealth apps that help patients and medical workers connect and resolve issues they encounter inside or outside the hospital.
Patient engagement platforms
Thanks to our engagement platforms, patients can take a proactive role in their own health management, and healthcare organizations can benefit from high customer engagement.
Health management software
We create systems that assist healthcare organizations in providing customized care, remotely tracking patients’ progress, and managing their activities.
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OUR team

Ivan Dunskiy

Ivan worked as QA, Software Engineer, Project Manager in different IT companies before founding Demigos. Having the entrepreneurial spirit, he co-founded two startups and managed the delivery of more than 30 IT projects. Ivan leads a healthy lifestyle and runs 120 kilometers on average monthly.

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Nikita Delyukov

Nikita has 18 years of experience in IT as Software Developer\Architect, Business Analyst, Project Manager. He worked 4 years as an IT Business Analyst and Project Manager for UBS bank (London).

Nikita holds a Master Degree in Applied Math and Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

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Wendy Tong
Advisor in healthcare

Wendy held many administrative and leadership positions in the military, hospital systems, and managed care (health insurance). Wendy was the Chief Medical Officer overseeing the Medicaid (government-financed health plan) division of the northern California region for Anthem Blue Cross. As a physician executive in a large nationwide corporation, Wendy advises Demigos on the most impactful IT solutions for the healthcare market.

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Alex Romanovich
Advisor in healthtech

A Career International Business Development and Marketing professional(from IBM and Bertelsmann AG to Global ScaleUps), CMO/CSO, with global experience (North America, Europe, Asia) in developing & selling innovative products/services with a track record of accomplishments in Health/Wellness, FinTech, Travel/Hospitality, eCommerce, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence/Data Science, and Enterprise Level Digital Transformation. Multiple startup and scale-up veteran. Investor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas of healthtech software development are you focusing on?
We are developing mHealth apps, EMR/EHR systems, patient engagement platforms, and health insurance management solutions.
How secure are your healthtech development solutions?
Our clients receive positive feedback on our solutions after audits by third-party vendors.
Do your healthtech solutions meet existing regulations?
Yes, we build digital healthcare systems that are HIPAA and GPRS compliant.
Why should we consider custom healthcare development over the off-the-shelf solutions?
Custom healthcare software solutions are much more flexible than off-the-shelf solutions. They are designed according to the goals of your organization. You are not limited to generic functionality. Instead, you get a product that is tailored to your specific needs. That's an investment in your organization’s future.


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