Tips for Pandemic-Proof Remote Development Workforce - are you ready?

Published on March 26, 2020

CIOs and Operations Executives of Healthcare Organizations must respond to the crisis with both short-term and long-term actions to make quick fixes, increase resilience to future disruptions and prepare for growth. Our 5 tips on how to encourage your remote development teams during the Pandemic helps determine how to address Coronavirus business disruption now and going forward. Some of the recommendations which are relevant, specific to your readiness and your immediate needs are:

Short-term actions:

  • Source interim digital collaboration tools to enable employees to work remotely, ensuring security controls and network support are in place.

  • Work with business leaders to conduct workforce planning to assess risk and address staffing gaps. Reprioritize demand and balance staff by shifting personnel from areas of lower priority.

  • Engage customers and partners via digital channels to maintain relations. Repackage product offerings and sell/support through digital channels.

  •  Establish a single source of communication to employees.

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Long-term actions:         

  • Develop a digital workplace strategy that includes collaboration applications, security controls, and infrastructure support.

  • Identify alternative employment modes and digital technologies that can empower employees and automate tasks.

  •  Develop digital product extensions, expanding to new channels and enabling new business models to increase business resilience and prepare for growth.

  • Contribute to data-enabled programs to improve data literacy and increase the adoption of a wider range of data and analytics tools.

Most importantly, the disruption of the COVID-19 Pandemic will force everyone to look at the cost of operations, skillset, and mode of delivery of those skills. 

But even more importantly, you have to think GROWTH!

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Downtimes are ideal for developing teams and developing resources professionally! Here is a list of ideas on how to do that: 

  • Motivating employees to engage in professional development topics through free resources like LinkedIn Learning, webinars, books, digitally available articles and other publications, podcasts, TED Talks, etc.

  • Building discussions around professional development materials with your team.

  • Getting comfortable and versatile with new software frameworks and tools.

  • Talking to staff members about areas where they currently want to grow or learn on the job.

  • Creating internal workshops and lunch-and-learns for the teams to share.

  • Developing new processes and procedures for the after-COVID-19 environment and anticipating change.

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