Introduction: Demigos launches the HealthTech Beat podcast!

Published on January 4, 2022

Hi everyone. My name is Ivan Dunskiy and I want to tell you about our new project, the podcast HealthTech Beat. The idea behind the podcast is to show real-life challenges and solutions of implementing technology in healthcare. I am the CEO at Demigos, a software development company that develops custom IT solutions for startups and companies.

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We have delivered a number of products for healthcare, and we saw a problem that sometimes products are not used in real life. Not because they are purely designed, but because of other reasons beyond programming or product development. For example, the product may lack some essential features for clinicians, or vice-versa product could be too complex and overwhelming for end-users.

It all leads to the situation. When investments into technology become worthless, these types of problems could be irrelevant for any new software product, however, even more, relevant for healthcare where market entry and adoption. It could be more time-consuming than in other industries due to strict regulations or because of existence start to school in the market or in the company, or because of lack of understanding that your product should suit needs, not only of end-users for example, clinicians or patients, but cover interests of insurance companies.

The health care system is complex throughout the world. So the product should meet the needs of all parties involved. We invite clinicians, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers from startups and large organizations in healthcare to share their real-life experiences of implemented technology, their challenges, solutions, lessons learned, and technology trends they see. 

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Stay tuned to healthtech podcast by Ivan from Demigos!