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How we estimate mobile application projects

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Warren Buffett

Most of the people, who are interested in mobile application development at first ask: “I have an idea for a mobile application. What is the cost for the project?”. And most of the people expect the exact cost.

But having experience in building mobile projects we face the fact, that even similar projects are totally different in the final scope and, therefore, in the final price.

Every time the initial conditions are different.

So what we do after we get the request for the application development? There’re several main questions, which we ask at this stage:

  1. What is the killer features of your project?

  2. What will be different in comparison with your competitors?

  3. Do you need the backend implementation to be included in the estimation?

  4. Do you have the UX UI design for the project?

For every project, the answers are different.

Certainly, we love to provide full stack solutions for the project, but sometimes some parts are already implemented.

Firstly, we should discuss the project requirements in order to give a rough estimation of the future application.

Project Manager meets the specialists from the required fields: UX UI designer, backend developer, Android or iOS developer and discuss the coming project idea.

And our teammates give their feedback both for the idea (we do not deal with uninteresting projects) and ask specific questions for the technical implementation for every complex part.

That discussion gives the ability to dive deeply in the business idea and to model the future project, to understand possible stumbling blocks and the ways they can be avoided.

Account Manager collects all the information from the team, aggregates it in the table and some rough estimation for the project appears.

The rough estimation gives the ability to understand the approximate volume and duration of the project.

After we present the rough estimation, some parts of the project can be cut off to decrease the cost of the project or to add it, on the contrary.

Then, we step into the Product Requirements document creation process. We love this stage because it requires more involving with the customer to get more details about the project.

Actually, that is the key to give the exact estimation for the project. That is the document, where we list all the functionality in details and description for it, develop the sequence diagram, build the wireframes, add some other specific description of the project.  

Depends on the project, the process can last up to one or two weeks.

After the Product Requirements are finished, that can be the base to give the exact estimation for the project.

Building the great product is the flexible process and even exact estimation can be changed in the final scope because of the some functionality or even idea rethinking.

We are lucky that we can not just watch this, but also participate.

If you already have an idea of the new product or for an app for the company, do not hesitate to join this exciting journey of product creation.

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