We do our best to meet our clients’ needs. A mobile solution is part of a bigger picture, so we create solutions for people; this is the backbone of our philosophy. We are not about b2b or b2c – we do everything possible to be p2p – people to people. You can find some of our works here.

Doll & Leiber

This system gives logistics companies the ability to send orders to all carriers on their mobile devices. With the help of this app a driver or a driver’s manager can review order details, send a payment sum for a trip, and display available orders on a map according to specifications chosen by drivers and companies. Moreover, it has a convenient system of filters so that users can get available orders corresponding to their interests.

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Taxitter is an Uber-like taxi service for Russian and Ukranian regions. You can sign into the app as a driver or a passenger. Using the Google API you can determine your location and destination point. The user is able to enter the price he or she is willing to pay for the trip as well as additional options (non-smoking, baby seat, pets, air-conditioning). After that you start receiving push notifications when drivers offer their services.

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Karaoke on the Square

App for the popular Ukranian TV show “Karaoke on the Square”. Made in association with Argentum IT Lab, this app allows the user to stream the show to the iOS device. Users can watch the show live and vote for the best singer once it finishes.



Positta is a product which can give you the ability to watch your happiest life moments on your Android device. No matter what you’re doing, at various intervals your favorite pictures will be displayed in random order to cheer you up. The display period can be tuned, the photos can be added from the Gallery or by Camera.



reDonbass is a project that shows damaged buildings in Donbass, a Ukrainian region which has experienced a lot of damage as a result of the conflict. It was developed in collaboration with Social Boost and United Nations organizations. Apps give the opportunity to determine damaged buildings on the map and provide detailed info about the buildings. Moreover, it providers volunteers with the ability to add new objects on the map with photos, choose their corresponding categories and add objects’ description.

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We provide full-stack development of your project.

Mobile projects vary in complexity, volume, goals and budget but most of them face the same steps of development: detailed plan of your idea, product requirements documentation creation, prototyping, UX UI design development, backend development, mobile applications for Android & iOS development, project management, quality assurance, project documentation creation and further project support and improvement. We are able to meet your needs in all of these categories.

Product Requirements development

Writing up a documentation of product requirements is essential to the success of the project and should be neglected. When we have a product or service idea, there can still be many different takes on how to best implement it. Bringing these ideas together is good for establishing what is essential and removing that which is irrelevant. It’s beautiful when nothing is superfluous. A product requirements documentation provides the ability to clarify the main features of the project, the end point and enables one to focus on the main goal of the project rather than minor feature changes.

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UI / UX design

The UI / UX design establishes the way we feel about the product. Our designers create a unique atmosphere for each product or service to underline its individuality. Although every product and service was born to solve someone’s need, good design leads to a more pleasant experience and makes success of the mobile application more likely.

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MVP development

Are you a fan of the methodology of Lean Startup? We are. The development of an MVP, or minimal viable product, is a great way to see how your idea will be received by the users and market while staying on budget.

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Mobile applications development

Mobile applications present a new experience to users. Building native applications for the most popular mobile platforms, Android and iOS, gives the user the ability to get the information in the most convenient and modern manner. That’s why we’re focusing on the building mobile solutions for businesses: our mission is to produce tools that can enable users to make the most of their time.

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Backend development

We understand that your idea can become the next big thing (as we mentioned in our blog, we are fond of Black Swan Theory of Nassim Taleb), so we design your system with the ability to scale and deal with high load in the future. Don’t worry – our Backend Architect has in the past made systems capable of receiving 8000 requests per second. We’ll find a solution for you as well.

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Products support

When you need something else, we’ll be there for you. This can be anything from landing pages, videos, promo materials and further development of your apps.

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