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How mobile industry changes the economy

I’ll start with some statistics. 66% of world popularity use mobile phones in 2015.

Relatively 70 % of mobile users use mobile applications. 65% of US smartphone user check their phones every 15 minutes. 87% of millennials always have their smartphone beside them 24/7.

According to research, 25% of smartphone owners in the US aged 18-44 can’t even remember the last time when the phone wasn’t close by them. The smartphone becomes very important and useful day-to-day companion.

The history starts from 2009 and for the 2015 market size expected to be about $25.0 billion.

The whole global mobile economy now is $1.6 trillion and is about to reach $2 trillion in 2017. It’s absolutely astonishing that we see the birth and development of the totally new market, which continues to grow.

As we made this business to be a part of our lives, I would like to show you what doors can be opened by the influence of this revolution.

 Who would have thought a simple hand-held device that before only enabled phone calls would now lead to one of the most dramatic transformations in the transportation industry? For example, of you’re in the Europe or the USA and you need to get somewhere, but you’re lack of car? Use Uber app and share someone’s car to get there. If you’re in Kiev, use Uklon and you’ll find taxi much faster then you’ll be searching the phone number of taxi service, call them, explain where you are and so on.

Do you want to move to another city in Ukraine or even Europe and have no time for tickets booking and have no wish to drive in the stuffy bus? Use Bla Bla Car app - take a seat in someone’s car and make your trip not only more comfortable and faster but also cheaper. Now both Uber like services and Bla Bla Car become considerable players in the transportation business, forcing out taxi and bus services.

Do you want to move to another city or even country and don’t know where to stay? Airbnb service will help you to find the better place for night or living.

Do you want to go travelling but your beloved cat or dog or even hamster can’t be left without you? Please use the DogVacay and find the sitter for you pet.

Are you going to borrow or invest money with the good conditions? Use Lending Club's peer-to-peer network to get cash. Lending Club gives better conditions: it’s cheaper than credit cards for borrowers and provides better rates than savings accounts for investors.

All this product are building new, sharing economy, which will influence the global economy and way people think.

As you can see, mobile solutions can give new useful possibilities for the end consumer. But there are big amounts of profitable solutions for business. I’ll give you some examples.

The logistic company in Brazil, which one of the business direction was trash reduction and they spent huge money amount for the trash trucks gasoline. Much of gasoline consumption wasted in the traffic and during the suboptimal roadways. My partners built the mobile solution for them, which with the help GPS and indoor navigation technologies help drivers to detect the traffic and build ideal roadway. With the help of this solution, the company decreased up to 30 % of gas spending.

Who of you when you first come to the big mall couldn't find the goods you need to buy? Our team built system prototype, which with the help of indoor navigation technologies helps to find proper products in the shops. As a user, you just choose needed products from the list, such as fish, and the program draws you the way how you can find it in the shop and shelf where the product is. And during your movement, the path is being repainted. So you can see your current place on the shop map. So you easily take your fish and go home.

 I think there is the much bigger thing which stay behind the cute design and fancy interfaces of the applications. The key thing of applications is user data.

The huge scope of data collected by popular mobile products and services can give enormous ways to analyze and process the data and research people’s behaviour and the way they are acting.

The nature of people’s actions is so unpredictable and sometimes unexplainable so during the centuries scientists and the greatest minds of the humanity made afford to clarify the reasons of people actions. But maybe only now fancy things such as mobile applications, smart devices, drones, social networks, web sites can be key for big amounts of information collection and therefore for the better understanding of people’s nature. 

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