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10 tips to get your mobile product in desired terms

Today I would like to tell you how you can run your project in desired terms in the role of a customer.

I acted like the customer and as a contractor during the projects delivery, so now I would like to tell you what you should avoid in the role of the customer if you would like to get your project in desired terms.

I don’t claim that my point of view is absolutely right. I will be glad to read your opinion and discuss it in comments.

There are 10 tips from us, which will help you to understand how to build the product better with your development team.

1) Preliminary product analysis

My opinion is that the preliminary product analysis and market research is the main investing on the start of the project, which can reduce the time during the development. When you want to build the new mobile product or make the mobile solution for your existing business or company, you should analyze the existing solutions on the market, what are the strength and weakness of your competitors. That will  help you to figure out your main killer features, which will differ your product from everyone.

2) Target client understanding

You should understand who your target client is. That is even better if you know everything about him: habits, who is his or her hero in the contemporary world, what is his lifestyle.

3) Write your main concept

Two previous stages will help you to understand your future product better. Having the information about existing solutions and feeling your client better, now you can figure out what are the main thing in your product: Will it be something absolutely new or solution for existing business.

Because mobile solution should be delivered in the correct manner.

4) Have a list of your killer features

Now you can write what  your main features will be, which can’t be avoided. We will focus on them in future, paying less attention to all insufficient.

5) Have the deadline date

That is important to give the developer the desired term of delivery. That is the way to plan the execution according to plan and not to waste time on irrelevant tasks.

6) Get the working product often

According to Agile methodology, that is the good approach to get the working product often: from a couple of weeks to the couple of months. You can review the progress even on the intermediate stages and that is the great method to get the understanding about the current state of the project and ability to adjust the movement.  

7) Speak with your developers

Software development starts from the conversation of several people. That is a big mistake to think that all things you need to do are just to give the tasks and pay money to developers.

But there is the way to make the bad product because you have the best vision for the product and you need to describe and discuss this vision to the developers to make them understand the product better. In fact, developers are not only executives, and often they have built the similar project and even can help you with the ideas for improvement.

Acting in this way you can get not only your product in desired terms but also the new ideas for improvement.

8) Keep it simple

It’s a better approach to moving with iteration approach with the new product. Instead of generating tons of ideas and trying to implement them all. It is better to dive deeply into the main idea and concept and focus on the main things.

9) Trust your team

You should trust your team because that helps to create the friendship and tolerate atmosphere during the product development and you get the return trust from the development team.

Different situations can occur and if some distrust exist, that is better to change it by fair communication and find possible ways to renew the open-minded relationship. If that is impossible you should find another developer.

10) Analyse the results and take feedback from users

That is important to understand what you actually are building, so you need to ask developers to implement instruments for the metrics tracking. Analyzing metrics and asking your real users about the product will give you understanding about the further strategy for improvement.

Hope this information is useful for you.

Leave your comments - we will be happy to speak with you.

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